Be Not Afraid

On Divine Mercy Sunday, 2012 the weather was unseasonably warm and the lake was as smooth as glass.  I was most excited to be able to go for a paddle so early in the season.  I carried my kayak to the same shoreline location that I typically launch from.  As usual before I launch, I scan the area looking for interesting shells and driftwood. Nothing of interest to be had, so I hopped in my kayak and began my happy travel.

Frequently I paddle to a private cove where I rest, pray and have a conversation with God in solitude.  I was sharing with God my concerns about building a retreat center.  For almost every concern, the phrase “Be not afraid.” echoed in my mind.  While paddling in my return to my usual entry and exit location, I found myself singing this hymn, “Be not afraid. I go before you always…”

As I was pulling my kayak out of the water, my breath was taken away at what I saw.  shore crossThere leaning against the shoreline rocks was a worn piece of lattice in the shape of a cross.  I was in awe!  With excitement, I ran to get my husband and my camera.  I told my husband that I did not see the cross when launching the kayak and there it was upon my return. He was astonished too.

This is the photo I took before I picked-up the cross.  After picking-up the cross we went for a walk and we both decided that the cross was a sign to give us confidence that we are doing the right thing with our property, which is using it to bring others closer to His love.  Amen.