Gifts given…

Gifts given to Branches Retreat Center

Rosary garden-Corrected@0,3xThe Rosary Garden

  • Blessed Mother Statue-Bob – Karen and Doug Flumerfeldt
  • Mysteries of the Rosary markers – Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo
  • Benches- Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Bowmansville, NY
  • Grant for the Garden- St. Vincent de Paul HOPE Fund, Srpingbrook, NY
  • Straw- Zach Licak

Additional Donations

  • Blessed Mother Grotto- Carol and Jack Wesley
  • Six new kayaks and paddles- Brenda Myc
  • Laser printer- Anonymous donor
  • Immaculate Conception Statue and Crucifix- Gloria Hubble


Donations of Time and Talent

  • Prayers –  Branches‘ Prayer Group and many others.  Thank you!
  • Board Members – Sr. Kathleen Murphy, Tim Hoag
  • Architectural Design – James Churchill
  • Construction – Jimmy Wieand, Tim Pfitzinger
  • Bulk Transportation – Bill Phillips
  • Grant Seeking – Brenda Myc
  • Grant Advisement – Tony Buttino
  • Promotion – Nancy Shumway, Kaitlin Bager, Kathy Phillips
  • Web Development – Rosemary Petchell
  • Property Clean-up – Brenda Myc, Mary and Tom
  • Musical Talents – Ronnie FairClough, Jessica Portillo
  • Tax Preparation – Tim Hoag